Sheldon Drake uses various process strategies to excite complex painted conditions,
simultaneously substantial and immanent, a vivid mesh of cataclysm.
Sculptural objects that clench the wall forward.
More than windows, they materially disrupt the time and space around them.


Berlin, Germany
born 1959, Bath NY USA

1984-89     The Cooper Union, New York City
    Bachelor of Fine Arts
        Instructors: Louise Fishman, Robert Storr,
        Irving Petlin, Robert Slutzky, Stuart Diamond,
        Dore Ashton, Jack Barth, Norman Sanders,
        Donald Kunz, Irwin Rubin, Rosalind Krauss,
        Reuben Kadish, Rod Knox, Patricia Colville
1980-82     Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
1977-80     College of William and Mary
                   Williamsburg, Virginia

    Adobe Systems
    Yasuda Mutual: commission for NYC corporate offices
    The Travelers Company: commission of fifteen pieces

2008     AxD Gallery: split show
2007     AxD Gallery: solo show

2006     Buono’s
2005     Crabtown: public art project
2004     Ahimsa Yoga Center
              Brewer’s Art (art featured in The WIRE)
              One World Cafe

New York City
2004     Halcyon
2003     Halcyon
              Planet One Cafe
2002     Kanvas
              Cooper Union
2001     Planet One Cafe
              Avenue A Sushi
              Col Legno
              Cafe Tante Baci
2000     Planet One Cafe
1998     Space Untitled, Soho: “Late Stages of Organic Life”
              group show
1997     Art Exchange: group show, reviewed
              Barnes & Noble, Astor Place: solo show
1995     BBDO corporate offices
              Planet One Cafe
              Bell Cafe
1992     Minor Injury Gallery: group show
              reviewed NY Newsday