this is paraphrased from Emmet Fox, a quiet sage

To solve a problem, get to a quiet place. After a pause, begin to contemplate the clarity within you, the place that wills for truth. During this stage it is important not to think about your problem, but to attend at this center. In other words, do not attempt direct solution, but more become interested in the qualities and nature of such center.

Then begin to claim the thing that you need- a healing, or some particular good which you lack. Claim it quietly and confidently, as you would ask for something to which you are entitled. Also, prepare such that you know your entitlement, and do not ask superfluously or unrealistically.

Then become aware of a peacefulness concerning the thing as accomplished, as if it was a gift just received. Believe in the reality of this gratitude, peace and and acceptance, and it may become so.

Keep this to yourself.

Try not to be tense or hurried. Tension and hurry delay the demonstration. You know that if you try to unlock a door hurriedly, the key is apt to stick, whereas if you do it slowly, it seldom does. If the key sticks, the thing is to stop pressing, take your breath, accept alternatives, and release it gently. To push hard with willpower can only jam the lock completely. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

By thus raising your consciousness any conceivable form of good that you can desire will be yours, and you know that nobody else can by any means hinder you from the rebuilding of your own consciousness.

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