Welcome to the grab bag that passes for my brain.

oh look, my resume

YOGA mainly about how to stand
basic problem solving (aka self-therapy)
Feng Shui, or the art of streamlining your life and schtuff
brief remarks on Depression
comment on mediation (conflict resolution)
VFX artists: rotoscoping tutorial

some massage tips
How to Design

would you like to learn to draw? you can...no really, especially you going uh-uh
some techniques on how to get to sleep
how to ground yourself
how to throw a frisbee

fun games with your perceptions
learn to DJ
how to photograph flat art
how to stop hiccups
how to lift heavy things
how to pan-fry tofu
how to make giant inflatable bubbles you can fill with parties, etc.
how to apply veneer edge tape to plywood (make your own shelves/furniture)

An Essay on Narcissism and Culture from my college days, not genius but make get a hmmm...
some yammer about art-making
My goddamn/delightful CATS

other treasures:
my girlfriend Shambhu Leroux, one of the most moving singers you will ever hear. true.
a great bit by Cynthia Heimel on following your damn dreams
something from Emmet Fox on problem solving
a huge but uniquely lucid rant on religion I found online
Bruce Mau's incomplete manifesto on design

misc. personal/output:
streaming/downloadable DJ mixes
two pictures of me, actually smiling (!!!)

if you download any of the images on this site, please retain all contact info,
like remember where you got them, and tell anyone you give copies to.
Please. Thank you.

ps potential employers: oh just look at the reel already.
what are you even looking down here for?

DJ - Computer Graphics - Paintings