FFFUCK I love to DJ!!! It's just the right balance between anonymity and drive: you're the hose that the fire flows through. It's such a fine and sturdy moment when tracks that have never met before come together to make some just-born thrill, and you feel that wave flood through the crowd, and then charge back through you. My ambitions are modest and finite: give me a room with a hundred or more bright people and some attentive bass, and I am good. While I have a very diverse bag, I am certainly not trying to be everything to everybody: I like to take it deep.

two main flavors:

-trippy experimental chillout and dark ambient, languid cataclysm.
Lay 'em out on blankets and pillows, everyone high as hell*,
let me drive the magic carpet, I gotta angle.
from beatless/noise to greasy electro, narcotic dub, chunky techno,
and just twisted whatever: dynamic, eclectic, and always blatantly psychedelic...
anything-goes, on the end of a big sharp stick, with love.

-thundersexy techno, elbows up motherfuckers!!
with plenty of dark ambient wreaked in over the top, and whatever vivid else I can use to get it off!!

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For four years I was a resident at Halcyon (Brooklyn) every Sunday evening for Undercity. Couches, coffee, smart people, and wicked subwoofers. Now that was a good time.

A brief introductory tutorial on DJing. Go ahead, you know you want to.

*but only on safe legal hallucinogens, of course: stop nukular terrrrorism! and give money to DPA right now.

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