Among the many basic life skills that western culture/education completely ignores is the nebulous but very useful concept of "grounding". It's a little difficult to describe, and will seem of course unfamiliar at first, but with practice it will become easy. Basically you are giving away any confused or troubling energy, or even just any energy that's too much for you to hold right now. People who are very tuned to others' feelings (like therapists and social workers) are especially vulnerable, as you can in many ways seem to actually take on their energies, and it doesn't take much for them to build to a point where they throw you off balance, and once the tower starts to tip all kinds of things can gang up and bring it down. Health can be a game of inches at times, so anything that helps you stay on the right side of threshhold can at times be just about priceless.

So, how to do it. Begin by visualizing a line that extends from somewhere around the crown of your head down into the center of this massive planet we live on. Let that line pull you down, and also pull up against it; find an active ease and balance. I like to imagine that, like plants love our castoff CO2, the planet loves our castoff drama, so on the next breath, as you inhale, let the breath expand into all of the energy in your body, especially into any areas that feel uneasy or turbulent, and then on the next exhale, just let it all sink deep into the earth, let gravity have it completely. This isn't about negativity; you aren't looking to expel it as a bad thing, you are just letting it move on into its next form. Imagine you have roots sinking deep into the earth; feel the solidness in this image. Rock your feet a little, wobble your knees, soften your whole body and let it just ease down, and at the same time push with your feet and let your head float up. Keep breathing.

Visualize how big the planet truly is. Let yourself just feel anchored deeply into it. You can even imagine roots growing, reaching far in to the soil, reaching vast masses of solid rock.

It seems like so little, and no doubt strikes many as New Age hoodoo (oh just get over it) but when you do it well, you do not doubt something real is happening. Try it during your workday, when you get home, when you're waiting for a bus. If you live in a large city, where you are often in large crowds, do it any time you think of it. If there are insane people running the government, who can't stop doing stuff to make you crazy, and the planet is overrun with bloodthirsty fundamentalist peasants with a hardon for the apocalypse, yeah, do it v-e-r-y often.

There are many versions and flavors of this technique; you can find much more about it browsing the web.

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