woot! I'm finally on beatport! Liquid Sky Berlin Vol. 1: The Mothership Has Landed

novameria an hour long project, made for background music for a DVD of Yoga for New Mothers; hardly the deepest darkest thing ever, but a nice space to go inhabit for a while

untitled for a baby massage DVD, 55 min of somewhat innocuous and sparkly, but here and there has its moments. might be good for...baby massage. mixes good with other tracks too


jundiev wind chimes on a gentle day in the underworld

firkof a sweet little ditty, with a nice gentle thrall at the end

Protect Yourself remix unmastered, a dance remix of a track made for an HIV awareness campaign.

Happang a remix for a competition, of Ab*e Duq*ue's (piss off google) "What Ha*ppened" track. Blüüdi waenkers picked one that was only a slight variation on the strategically-inane original. guess I tried too hard.

InSink_StainTheDrain casual effort for a local informal remix thing of Craig Sopo's 2Hands1towel

logolithik maybe someday work out a goofy animation for a shorter version.

the following tracks were all made in After Effects, the motion graphics program I use.
It isn't really made for audio, so it fails beautifully.
KDragger from a lovely pop song I used to hear when young
purnile made from a waayyy too many time dubbed porn track
sier featured on the magnanimous records arkestra remix compilation (my first original release!)

featuring the vocals of the indescribable Anu, from one of the first phone massages she ever left me

all the audio for my sputnik 7 interstitials was original as well.

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