This group of paintings more or less appeared out of nowhere. I thoroughly intended them as underpaintings for more elaborate work, and a couple few of them may yet go that route*. I had all eighteen up on the wall at the same time, and just moved vigorously across the whole surface, thin paint, flowing and jumping, very charged.

When I sat back to look at them, I saw they were doing what they needed to, so I left them alone.

below, the group in original position.

please note these are 3/4" plywood with unfinished edges, suitable for framing.
a hanging slot is routed flush with the back.
2,3,4,5, and 9 have since been reworked, they're resting for a bit.

0518_01 0518_07 0518_13
0518_02 0518_08 0518_14
0518_03 0518_09 0518_15
0518_04 0518_10 0518_16
0518_05 0518_11 0518_17
0518_06 0518_12 0518_18

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