these pieces were all completed while i was at school at Cooper Union from 1984-1989.

painting 015
Bottles painting 016
Blue Car painting 028
blob 1 painting 030
G.R.O. painting 038
turner painting 065
painting 001 painting 066
painting 006 painting 068
painting 011 painting 071
painting 012 painting 078
painting 013
drawing 001
drawing 002
drawing 073
drawing 074

goodness what a trip that was.
I will certainly always remember marching my ass down to the corner to send off the preliminary application
(in those lost days living at my Mom's in Salem, Va., all but unemployable, no future at all),
and then draping myself over the mailbox after, barely daring to hope, wondering what i just started, shaking hard.
almost a year later, living in Richmond, just home after a nitrous-soaked (yum!) dental appointment that left most of my face numb,
there i was hooting and hollering from the news, champagne dribbling on my shirt, babbling like a giant hillbilly chickadee:
my ticket out/in/elsewhere.
midnight bus to NYC from Roanoke Va., and i arrived in the East Village with no clue at all.
And completely on cloud 9, thanks universe, nice one.

School was, of course, a struggle, a season in the volcano, was so naive, but bit by bit I caught on...some.

then one summer around junior year, all at once i started making real work,
and i began to think I might actually have a chance. silly child.

Sierra Nevada College, 1980-82

I was so happy to escape William & Mary, and end up at this delightful tiny hippie school
on the NE shore of Lake Tahoe. met an incredible teacher (Ronna Snyder)
who body-checked me back towards art over and over until it took.