what a wet kiss...what URB had to say about my Deep Ambient tape

"Ambient music is not typically my cup of tea so when I got this tape to review I wasn't exactly falling out of my chair with excitement. That is, until I put it on and started listening. What this pioneering DJ has done is seriously push the envelope of what can be accomplished by layering many combinations of music to form a new and unique creation. Experimentations of texture and sound run rampant and there are always several things happening at once, providing both interesting variations on their own and a refreshing new perspective when listened to as a whole. With over 100 different records on this 90-minute tape*, you'll hear a little bit of just about everything expressed by sound. Using two turntables and two CD players simultaneously for most of the mix, there are often four separate records being played at once and somehow he manages to make it sound as if you were listening to one track. While there is not one drum beat on the entire tape, I never noticed as the trancendental sound collage enveloped my mind and sent me on a meditational trip to higher consciousness. Rarely have I heard so much creativity and experimentation on one tape before and rarer still to have the experiments turn out incredibly well. This tape should be heard by everyone in the scene at least once as it will give you a whole new perspective on the potential of sound as music. For those who reside in an ambient state this tape will be heaven on earth for your ears. Reviewing "deep ambient" has definitely changed my opinion on ambient music as a whole and it very well may change yours."

Zeke Margolis, URB magazine

*I don't know where he got 100 from, I doubt it's that many...and it's 74 minutes

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