UNDERCITY at Halcyon
experimental chillout, a-l-l the way in
comfy couches, crezzyMAD bass action, snacks and drinks, big video, and a disco ball
January 2000 - April 2004, boy that was FUN!!!

Some of our press (more here):
"The best chill-out night in town"- Village Voice
"Few NYC shindigs can match Undercity for sheer sonic bliss" TimeOutNY
voted Best Bar Soundsystem in NYC by TimeOut NYC

Sheldon Drake
DJ Spinoza (The Bunker, the agriculture)
Clark ov Saturn (Socks and Sandals)

I stumbled onto the gig when two acquaintances called and said they were starting a party in a cool new club and wanted me as a resident. I was flattered but expected it to go the way of most good parties, ie a fun three weeks then abrupt bye bye, but when I walked in and saw the room I was glowing. And somehow, week after week, then year after year, it just kept going, for four years, until they got priced out of the neighborhood they helped create. oh, I wanna go visit that room again. In the early days they jacked the subs so much you could hear the front windows rattling about a half block away, but even after they were turned down it was like a subway train passing under. Rarely had to raise your voice, but giant bass, space noise, couches, live video, smarties to gawk at and/or talk to and/or not, low lighting (and a disco ball!): perfect.

for much of our life we were streamed and archived on groovetech.com, which was a sweet thing.

our past flyers, all designed by yours truly: click on any image to see larger version

past guest geniuses include: DJ Olive the Audio Janitor, Khan, Badawi, Emiliano Hernandez (THIB/Microbio), Lloop, Timeblind, Satamile, DJ /Rupture, Earshot, Leisure Muffin/Sporangia, bpm0, I-Sound, Toshio Kajiwara, Cristian Vogel, Clark Warner, <o>blaat, KleverVice, Gen Ken Montgomery, Burun, DJ C/Electro-Organic Soundsystem, Half-heard, Don Rainwater, Erin Anderson, Sean O'Neal, Christina Wheeler, YLYPTK, Darryl Hell, Geoff GDAM, Dr. Decent, Amoeba Technologies, Lucy Walker, DJ Niku, Firehorse, Jeanne Klafin, InstructionShuttle, Rob Mall, Jason Sloan, Matt Borghi, Criterion, Doily, Dub Gabriel, Afrik Prophet, Noisegate, Zipperspy, DJ Blues, DJ Churchshoes, Michael Raphael, Spaze Crafte One, Etherdrag, Luna , Silk 7, D.P. Holmes, Ben Milstein, Superjulie, Cyhl; Record Camp: She-Ra, Cut Faster, Sky Tucker; El Rey, Handheld Soundsystem, Crix Madine, Accelera Deck, Load Rezenhand, Quanteye, Borne, Habitrail, Crasta, Tommy Church, Ben Neill, Cassien, Antfactor, Charles Cohen, Kani, Sara Ayers, dev79, Mike Wolf, Bit Meddler, Simon Reynolds, Donna Summer, Polywog, Comet, Edgar Um, Karl Zeiss, Aidan Baker, Socks and Sandals, Pamelia Kurstin, Lifestyle Interiors, Mr Robb, Macedonia, the Fresh Blend, Knights of Resignation, Pacifica, Planet Nett, Transient, Spintronic, Organalogic, Uni, Eva, Greg Davis, DJ Luna, Carlos Cabrera, Skylab Sound System, Hellbender, Plumbline, Marcus Miller, Small Change, Fabio Ventilato, MIke Wolf, Giles Dickerson, Antarktika, Codec, Gerald Wenzel, DJ Singe, Chaircrusher, Beat Pusher, Primordial, Velapene Screen, Secret Agent Gel, dhex, Innovaders, Chris Hinkle, Christopher Willits, DJ Movement, Sleepyface & Boo, Solo 4, edIT, Morgan Velosi, Bombardier, Kalm, Sentinel (Michael Hauben, RIP) , Blue Spectral Monkey, qpe, Bruce Tantum, Duermo, Cruz Missile, Ranka, Saskai, Don Rainwater, Mikronytes, jm229, blackkkorea, Tim Sweeney, Zenas, Ulysses, Earwig, North Guinea Hills, Dublab, Tremolo, Ben Freeman, DJ ADD, Chungking Xxpress, Aaron Spectre, Heartworm, Tim Crawford, Tinkertoy, David Bearsley, Open, Psychonaut, Christina Cooper, Dave Wullie, DJ Chillum, Dumbeat, Fuckintosh, Object, David Linton aka mod_doktor, Rich Kim, Cricket, Philip Sherburne, Pretend Is A City, CX Kidtronik, DJ Ripley, At Work, dev79, Tara Pattenden, Radeus, Los Pelones

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