this is Choggi, aka thousands of gibberish incidentals...the athlete that runs this place, ageless at 18, utterly a pain in the ass and impossible not to adore. Total fiend for attention, will never admit it. Knows the difference between right and wrong to a remarkable degree, and couldn’t care less. Whines way too much, is such a victim. Will attempt to climb onto your shoulders most of his waking time, especially if he just met you, then just jump down and start again, for hours, relentless...but he melts me when he trills, my singing lover...
so affectionate ("where's my kisses..."), total snuggler. Cannot ever be satisfied, would wreck his look. My rock.

and as of January 2007 he is gone too
which just destroys me, and probably will for some time to come.
what a piece of work he was.

this is Madeleine, or it used to be: she's been gone since spring of 2000, and I don't care to admit it. Let's just leave it in the present tense, okay? the Sweetie, convulsive purrs on contact, over half her diet goes to hair production...genetically bound to be utterly default the dominant cat...he always starts it, she always finishes it...she’s my heart and soul, basically, and probably needs a spanking right about now. For a while survived a full right-side mastectomy, then got some more snipped off (actually lost most of this juicy belly to the knife by now), and is for all purposes totally blind. You might never notice it; she’s amazing. None of this impedes her maintaining full dominance over Choggi, or any shoe or piece of clothing she bumps into, for that matter: keeps them all in line. Sleeps next to my pillow when I’m lucky enough. Even prettier than this. REALLY wants her belly rubbed. Curls nicely in a 165g Frisbee, and quite happy to. I still see her walking around here anytime I care to, pick her up, talk to her, accept the bitings and noises, shut up I can if I want to. Happy to say she made it on the truck to Baltimore; I've caught her by the belly several times already. I still remember her delicate toes.

and a new odd thing, whenever I see them anymore: i know I am dreaming.
and how realistic those dreams are, they are there with full personality, they smell the same, smile the same...
I can feel them vibrate when they purr, there's electricity in their toes, just great.
my little waking-dream triggers.

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