I had the excellent fortune to be part of the Illbient scene during its brief thrive (NYC, around 1995), strongly influenced by talents like DJ Olive. Illbient had a heady darkside vibe that a drank of deeply. At first* I played mostly chillout, but now that software frees up my creativity from beatmatching (hi haters, bye haters), I can finally go wild the way I've always wanted, shredding and crushing techno tools across each other, pulling the dancefloor deep into the far reaches of the abyss. I still have a lot of my dark ambient tools, that mix in so fine: flaming furies of ghostly madness, luscious and molten, caustic and vicious. In between (and sometimes even during) sets I can be found raging on the dancefloor.

*(and would still love to lick up some chillout rooms...if they existed anymore...sigh)

Many mixes available for download
most newer ones have screengrabs of the laptop session so you can follow along.

Spinning since 1995; 750+ sets to date.
since 2009 my home is Berlin,
loving up any dancefloor that will have me.

some of the clubs/parties I’ve played at:

2009-2012, Berlin (resident, Liquid Sky Berlin):

Suicide Circus
8 Bitow (Poznan Poland)
SO 36
Delicious Donuts
Liquid Sky Berlin
Chapeau Clack
Cocaine Cowboys
Ronson's Ichiban
Club Ndorphin (Chemnitz)
Cafe Miesna (Poznan Poland)
Biesenthal Festival
techno party (Chemnitz)
Mein Haus am See (resident, 2010)
Fette Ecke
Bar 23


Undercity at Halcyon (weekly, co-host)
Four years of deepest quality, proud to have been a part of it.

Abstrakt Wave at the RV (Illbient homebase)
Twilo: second-system resident
PS1 Saturday WarmUp series
Burning Man 2001-2005
NYC Burning Man Decompression 2002, 2003, 2004
Vibration, Sunrise (Ultraworld, Baltimore) (raves)
Tone (at The Kitchen, NYC)
Brooklyn Anchorage/Creative Time
Brooklyn Museum, grand re-opening of new lobby
Substation ("perfect NYC party" -NY Times)
Phonomena/Radical Anxiety Termination (SUBtonic: w/DJ Olive)
Cloudwatch (Sonic Soul, Baltimore)
Neuronal (6th and B Garden, 97, 98; organizer)
Playa del Fuego 2002, 2004
FLATTERY_01, 02 (organizer)
The Bunker @ SUBtonic
Unity Gain
Soundlab, including Brooklyn Anchorage Party
multipolyomni’s Solar Drama @ The Kitchen
Ongolia/Fake Shop
Pratt Institute
Irving Plaza
Undertone @ Passersby
Trammps (opened for Download)
Abstrakt @ Von
Abstrakt @ Orchard Bar
ABC No Rio/ Meet the Composers series
Click ‘n’ Drag (Jackie 60’s fetish party)
Abstrakt Phusion @ the Knitting Factory
Cell/Amoeba (Den of Thieves)
Konkrete Jungle (including Brooklyn Anchorage)
The Cooler
Static @ Void
Base @ Void
freq.net @ pseudo
Submerge 1 & 2
Diesel Store, NYC
Liquid Sky Store
Liminal Lounge
Furnace Lab

Battery Park Festival, Koln (98, 99)
Liquid Sky Cologne: Koln, Germany
Ultraschalle, Evo-Sonic Radio, Backstage: Munich
Space, Bar M, Sa Trincha: Ibiza
Blue Box/MEGO: Vienna
Klub X, Roxy: Prague
Volksbuhne: Berlin
Microcosm, Global Cafe: London
Radio 100, 222 Bar: Amsterdam

San Juan, Puerto Rico:
Club Lazer, Millenium, Rumba, Club Soleil, Don Pablo’s

live set w/Dead Voices on Air called "stellar" by Chicago Tribune; released as part of "Drug Test", Invisible Records

Deep Ambient mix called "essential" by URB Magazine

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